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Blog Azeroth shared topic < What spell would I most want?

This week’s Blog Azeroth shared topic came from Arvash, and was a no brainer for me. With Mists almost upon us, so too comes potentially the most awesome druid ability ever – Symbiosis.

So, what spell would I most want as a feral kitty? Feral Spirit, of course!

Is that you, Brey? Oh no, it’s just your wolves I STOLED FROM CHOO!

There’s something about the idea of having a couple of dog minions running around ripping shit up on my behalf that I find… well… strangely satisfying, and rather funny. Imagine how hilarious it would be to pop Feral Spirit and my new home boys, the treants at the same time?

Talk about a posse! (Diablo Witch Doctor, anyone?)

While I have been too lazy to level to 90 on beta (mostly because I didn’t want to ruin the questing for myself), my research shows that Feral Spirit acts as a mage’s mirror images do – a weaker version of the real thing. Regardless of it’s viability (or lack thereof) on live, it’s still something that excites me!

How about you? What spell would you most want if you had the choice?

5 responses to “Blog Azeroth shared topic < What spell would I most want?

  1. Cymre

    Nice choices there. I only levelled through the Jade Forest very early in the beta but the quests and area have changed a lot since then. I levelled mostly by grinding, dailies and the dungeons so the storylines will still be new.

  2. Genowen

    Yah – same! Once I got to 87 and into Valley of the Four Winds, I started getting really into the quest lines, so said to myself ‘ hold up, tonto’…

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  4. Mabaho

    Oh I love my doggies… So much fun, I only wished they were controllable as they occasionally get a bit excited and start pulling random stuff nearby. That can get messy sometimes.

  5. Genowen

    @ Mahabo hahahahaha – that’s all part of the fun though, isn’t it? 😉

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