In yo’ face, Garrosh!!!

And the pre-MoP cheev whoring completion hunt continues…

hahahahaha – even on a Sunday afternoon, we can still kill you Garrosh. Your ‘Horde’ can’t save you!

Now I know most people had this AAAAGES ago, but I have a little story about why I only just got mine today… you see, just before Cataclysm hit, Thrall went on a little journey of enlightenment to Nagrand (if you remember), and Garrosh was left in temporary charge of the Horde. We went on our faction leader kill mission, and actually DID kill Garrosh after killing the other three faction leaders, but we didn’t get credit for the kill.

On ticketing the issue, we were told that things were ‘working as intended’, and that we’d have more chances to kill Garrosh during Cata (he wasn’t the ‘official’ leader of the Horde yet >.<). Little did we know at the time, those stinky Horde would be RELOCATING the throne room to the middle of Org, and it would be nigh on impossible to get a kill!!!

I totally spat the chewy over it, and needless to say, never bothered trying again during Cata, as most of the pug groups tend to hit Org last. Nagrand has a lot of players who have Horde toons as well, so by the time groups would actually get to Org, there would usually be a massive contingent ready and waiting for us. With the pre-expansion patch hitting next week however, I wasn’t prepared to go through it all again, as we’re ‘guessing’ the guards will jump to level 90 as they did pre-cata.

Three of our Insidiots were in the raid, and we even managed to gank some ex-guild members who joined the Horde during ICC, so it was a rather satisfying afternoon! Great work Yaguar for your eagle eye in the midst of total chaos, and ganking Tulveli first, and Hydra for giving us the heads up that the run was on. I finally have my Battle Bear – huzzah!!

So now it’s done, and we kicked him in the ass. As the ‘unofficial’ Alliance battlecry goes – WE’LL KEEP TRYING!!!!