Fairy cattle dance form!!!

“The Insular Celts held deer as supernatural animals, “fairy cattle” that were herded and milked by a localised and benevolent fairy giantess (a bean sìdhe) in each district, who could shift shape to that of a deer.”

My Irish blood is part of the reason I was first drawn to a druid in Warcraft, as I have always had an unexplainable connection with Celtic folklore and the Druidic tradition.

And so it goes… Stags doing an Irish jig!

Dunno about the music WOW Insider decided to add to the preview, but hey…

You have to hand it to Blizzard – regardless of the ‘questionable’ quality of life changes they’re making to druids in MoP, the cosmetic changes are… just. FREAKING. Awesome.

Can anyone say Free Willy?

Free Willy!

Additionally, my *ahem* age shows when I see the form below and can’t help thinking of He-Man and his trusty Battlecat!

Battlecat – RAWR