I’m Genowen, Guild Mistress of the semi-hardcore raiding guild <Insidious>. Insidious is a mature (21+) 10-man progression raiding guild on the Oceanic World of Warcraft server, Nagrand.

This blog contains the ramblings and thoughts of a full-time raiding cat druid with an OBSESSION with raiding, mounts/pets and achievement hunting. I’ll also occasionally discuss guild management and all the trials and tribulations that go with it, but names will always be *cough* changed so that my guildies don’t murder me for discussing ‘secret Insidiot business’ in public!

I’ve been a wow player since 2008, and in my ‘real life’ I’m a professional writer and editor. I currently freelance *read, prostitute myself* to various corporate and not-for-profit clients.

I’m a passionate feral kitty, and want to share my experiences in wow with other meow meows around the world.


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