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A tribute to the Holy Grail


I didn’t think it was possible that I could ever be more of a fan girl of The Daily Blink than I already am, but this recent comic has made them my all-time heroes! My all-time favourite Monty Python movie, combined with WoW Darkmoon Rabbit references and pure witty humour?!!

*dies and goes to kitty heaven*

I’ve been camping this little bastard on and off all week, so I was sad to log in this morning and see this…

So many bones… did they forget to RUN AWAYYYY?!

Guessing I’ll be waiting a bit longer to fight the fabled Rabbit of Caerbannog now 😦

I warned you – I WARNED YOU!

I’ve consoled myself for now by living vicariously through the angst and nerdrage of other bloggers…

Tome of the Ancient made me laugh out loud…

The Daily Frostwolf is still on the hunt…

Bubbles of Mischief had a beta encounter she’d rather forget…

18 responses to “A tribute to the Holy Grail

  1. Aquyla ⋅

    Omg if I knew that I would have told you next time I do it I will tell you. Farming the pet from it so I have a look everyday.

  2. Genowen

    SWEEET! I’m in the cave, camping now… ❤

  3. Aquyla ⋅

    He died at 8:30am so i dont know what the respawn timer is

  4. Navimie

    I also missed it this morning. I just made a new post on it!

  5. JD Kenada ⋅

    Oh, that was awesome.

    You know, I’m starting to think I’m the only blogger NOT camping the little bugger…

  6. Aquyla ⋅

    Bunny doesn’t do much damage until he picks them up and eats them lol. I never noticed him specifically picking on melee he normally gets hunter pets though lol

  7. I don’t know how many times now I’ve watched the Holy Grail video while waiting for that bunny so I should thank him for that, lol. He’s just one furry bringer of pain and suffering that’s for sure!

  8. Cymre

    GL for your bunny hunt 🙂 I hope to fight him soon…

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