Warrior dies, untamedhellcat hits 86401.3 dps?!


Give it up for Ferocious Bite! *cheer, roar – the crowd goes wild!*

I ‘should’ feel bad for screen shotting this H DS parse, as the numbers are ‘average’ in comparison to pre-5.0.4 numbers, but hey – our warrior was dead (PERHAPS due to the fact my DBM wasn’t working ‘properly’ and I managed to kill our bare tank when dispelled *insert evil face and standing on top of tank here*, which then killed Elvs thanks to being second on threat…) and there was no res available after ressing said tank (too bad, so sad), but that Ferocious Bite still has some serious kick!

No, it wasn’t sustained, and yes, it was just before the boss died, but you know what?


Bring on MoP and big yummy numbers!!!

Oh yes, yes I do…

That ‘other’ durid has a legendary by the way…. *cough*

Fairy cattle dance form!!!

“The Insular Celts held deer as supernatural animals, “fairy cattle” that were herded and milked by a localised and benevolent fairy giantess (a bean sìdhe) in each district, who could shift shape to that of a deer.”

My Irish blood is part of the reason I was first drawn to a druid in Warcraft, as I have always had an unexplainable connection with Celtic folklore and the Druidic tradition.

And so it goes… Stags doing an Irish jig!

Dunno about the music WOW Insider decided to add to the preview, but hey…

You have to hand it to Blizzard – regardless of the ‘questionable’ quality of life changes they’re making to druids in MoP, the cosmetic changes are… just. FREAKING. Awesome.

Can anyone say Free Willy?

Free Willy!

Additionally, my *ahem* age shows when I see the form below and can’t help thinking of He-Man and his trusty Battlecat!

Battlecat – RAWR

Druid kitty meow meow meow meow meow!

I’ll admit it – I’m a machinima fan, but there is alot of crap out there. What I love more is machinima mixed with a bloody great wow parody song. I’ve been following Ember Isolte for a long time, and one of my favourites is – well, see for yourself.

This chick is seriously talented and can actually hold a tune, while managing to create some witty parody lyrics to boot.

Oh flame kitteh, how I miss choo!

Look how HOT I am!!!!

Was going through some old screenshots the other day, and came across poser pics from when I finally got hold of Fandral’s Flamescythe, and it got me thinking about mog.

I really, really wish I could use Fandral’s AND the accompanying visual proc, but alas, Blizzard says no. I don’t quite understand how this can’t be done, especially as some of the visual procs that come from the likes of Warlock T6 are available to others. It took so long for it to drop that I can’t help but feel just a little ripped off, especially when I see warlock wings popping up all over the place.

I’ll keep Fandral’s in my bank for now, hoping and praying that one day I can become RAGEYFIREKITTEH again, but I’m not holding my breath.

Oh and on a side note, I kinda really miss this guy too. We’re coming up on the end of progression in Dragon Soul this week after rebuilding the raid team thanks to some  dummy spits/gquits earlier this year, and I just can’t bring myself to feel as excited as I did when we were working on Arthas – maybe it’s because the final boss of this expansion is only ‘parts’ of his body?

I salute you BITCH KING – at least you kept us distracted at the end of an expansion!

Ima get you outta there Arthas – just hang on a little longer – takes a while, even as FLAME KITTEH!!!

An open letter to the Blizz RNG loot gnomes

No loot makes for one sad kitty 😦

Dear Blizz,

I really feel like doing it right now – alt+Q+Q. After 26 weeks of raiding/clearing Dragon Soul every week, on both normal and now mostly heroic, you just refuse to give me or my rogue melee buddy a break. I think you KNOW what I’m talking about – Vial of Shadows and Seal of Primordial Shadows.

I’ve run LFR TWENTY EIGHT TIMES (which should demonstrate my dedication to that extra bit of dps without saying anything about the levels of insanity actual raiders experience in that environment – /wrists) , and the trinket has dropped ONCE, only to go to a bottom dwelling enhance shaman. Never seen the ring – ever. Looking at the math (not my strong point) I see that I have at least killed the first 5 bosses in DS on all difficulties 50+ times. And trinket seen – ONCE – in LFR. I have begun to wonder what the point is in continuing, especially with MoP just around the corner, where we’re forced to vendor all our hard-earned heroic gear to replace them with quest greens.

Now Blizz, we haven’t killed Spine or Madness on heroic yet, and heroic tier gear has, for the most part, been warrior/shaman/hunter tokens (GG loot gnomes >.<) which has seriously hindered our ability to gear the team evenly for these later bosses… problem is, up until recently we were running with only one of those three classes regularly, so our resto shaman has pretty much completed all 3 shaman spec HEROIC tier sets, while the rest of us drink ourselves into oblivion to numb the pain, and the lack of token drops for other classes (we often run with 3 druids, a rogue, a mage, 2 priests, a shammy, a paladin  – getting my drift? Doing the numbers? Yes, that’s half a raid team sharing the same tokens THAT NEVER DROP!!!) makes it rather difficult to progress without the accompanying output increases that come from upgrades. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not loot whores, but seriously – enough is enough.

Putting best in slot, key items on a global loot table is total retardation. Giving them an average 1% drop rate is even more insane. I mean, we didn’t even see Wrath of Unchaining drop until we were well into heroic modes on the first 5 bosses, and that’s a 30% drop chance!!! Now that bloody thing drops regularly, and often goes to DE.

And Blizz, don’t even get me started on mounts…. not one. mount. ever. In all tiers of cataclysm. It’s enough to make baby jesus cry.


Ok, that’s it. I’ve made the decision to stop lurking on other feral druid blogs, waiting for any measly little scrap of conversation about the almighty kitty spec, and create my own.

After all, CAT DURID IS 4 FITE!!


CAT DURID IS 4 FITE!! (from massivecrits.com)

To my long-time heroes who have gone before – Alaron of The Fluid Druid, Vallen of Feral Aggression and John Patricelli of The Big Bear Butt – I salute you, and hope that I can contribute some meaningful thoughts to the feral community and somehow fill your big bloggy paw prints!

While I’m not much of a math chick (I was in what we called ‘Vegie’ Maths in high school) which means number crunching really isn’t my thang, I do know and love my feral druid spec – hell, I’ve been playing main spec feral since I first started playing wow back in 2008, and I’ve never EVER EVER looked back.


Memory, all alone in the moonlight, I can dream of the old days, life was beautiful then….

  • Swiping away at all those lovely trash packs in the first room in ICC *drool*. Pulling extra mobs while ‘thinking’ no one is watching to push your numbers through the roof and shadowmelding on the tank. ‘NO IT WAS NOT ME! IT WAS THE HUNTARD!’
  • That AMAZING dps buff on Blood-Queen Lana’thel. AMAZING. ‘cept when I’d get the first bite from my insane threat generation and everyone would yell at me 😦 ‘I BLAME THE TANKS!’
  • Berserk used to remove stuffs in PVP. Really – it did.
  • Those days before they took away our DRUID-GIVEN right to shape-shift out of that GODDAMN FREAKING CRAPPY MAGE ICE CC JIGGER!

And they’re only a few – the old brain isn’t what it used to be. I don’t just do PVE – I PVP too, but it makes me a ‘little bit’ angry so I try to only go in when rambling, slurring drunk.

Bit of a random post, but more will come – soon.