untamedhellcat trolls The Queue

DEAD serious.

Why was it dead serious on The Queue, you may ask? I blame The Daily Blink

Trolls on trolls!

for this…

Kitty troll-rick-roll!

The question caused much argument in the comments, and a whole heap of derpheads ‘actually’ thought it was a serious question…. aaaah must be a slow news day. A response from one of MANY commenters, below…

In reality, it is only technically oblate spherical (think a perfect sphere, that is very very very very slightly squished on the north/south axis, so the equator is just a bit longer than any meridian), mostly do to the earth’s rotation and the moons pull over the eons.  Considering there is like 50km difference between lengths, it is less .4% difference: you wouldn’t be wrong to call it a sphere.  A ping pong ball is less spherical than the earth.  Would you call a ping pong ball oblate spherical, or just a sphere?

Gotta love a bit of deep nerd! ❤

Wish they would have used my ‘almost non-troll’ question instead…

What – it was a valid question!!! Stupid Rabbit.