Oh flame kitteh, how I miss choo!

Look how HOT I am!!!!

Was going through some old screenshots the other day, and came across poser pics from when I finally got hold of Fandral’s Flamescythe, and it got me thinking about mog.

I really, really wish I could use Fandral’s AND the accompanying visual proc, but alas, Blizzard says no. I don’t quite understand how this can’t be done, especially as some of the visual procs that come from the likes of Warlock T6 are available to others. It took so long for it to drop that I can’t help but feel just a little ripped off, especially when I see warlock wings popping up all over the place.

I’ll keep Fandral’s in my bank for now, hoping and praying that one day I can become RAGEYFIREKITTEH again, but I’m not holding my breath.

Oh and on a side note, I kinda really miss this guy too. We’re coming up on the end of progression in Dragon Soul this week after rebuilding the raid team thanks to some  dummy spits/gquits earlier this year, and I just can’t bring myself to feel as excited as I did when we were working on Arthas – maybe it’s because the final boss of this expansion is only ‘parts’ of his body?

I salute you BITCH KING – at least you kept us distracted at the end of an expansion!

Ima get you outta there Arthas – just hang on a little longer – takes a while, even as FLAME KITTEH!!!