Anti-Asshat week gains momentum

Even the Daily Blink boys have had enough

Well it’s been a very interesting week, and standing up for my belief that the WoW community should be a pleasant, friendly place to spend your spare time by posting about my recent experience has certainly caused me some grief both publicly and privately, but I think it was WORTH IT.
It all started with Nav from The Daily Frostwolf, whose post, Navi is declaring Anti-Asshat Week set off a number of related posts in the community. In reading these posts, I saw a recurring theme – that people are sick to death of trolls and asshats in game, that most ‘mature’ gamers who have a professional life and family responsibilities are frustrated by the same behaviours, and that Blizzard are nowhere near tough enough on these ‘Call of Duty’ type cretins. I also popped into the Girls Gone Wow podcast at Navi and Sal’s encouragement to discuss the issue – admittedly, after 2 hours of sleep and rather late to the table, which made me a tad fuzzy minded and repetitive, but hey – it happens! *facepaw*

Hit the links below for some insightful reading.

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As a responsible Guild Master who believes that people have a right to play their game of choice in comfort, I’ll take abuse from my aggressors, ex-guild members (who were only ever removed for damned good reasons) and other random asshats who like a good flame war if it means people start standing up for themselves and others by not turning the other cheek when abuse occurs.

I learned very early on in my WoW gaming life that the single most important thing you can do to make a difference is be helpful and polite to the players you come into contact with, and that what you do out in the world reflects on the guild name you wear above your head. It used to actually MATTER before the advent of LFD and LFR – hell, I can remember a particular character on Nagrand called MightyMoe who was the server’s biggest asshat, and whose name was mud to the point that an old officer of mine used to ACTUALLY kick people from the guild if they mentioned his NAME. The guy was racist, offensive in the extreme, misogynistic, a ninja and a general troll.

The end result?

He’s no longer on Nagrand, because the community effectively drove him out. I bet he managed to make most people’s ignore list too.

I reflect on that time with a sense of misty-eyed reverie, and hope that one day that sense of real community can be recaptured.

A tribute to the Holy Grail


I didn’t think it was possible that I could ever be more of a fan girl of The Daily Blink than I already am, but this recent comic has made them my all-time heroes! My all-time favourite Monty Python movie, combined with WoW Darkmoon Rabbit references and pure witty humour?!!

*dies and goes to kitty heaven*

I’ve been camping this little bastard on and off all week, so I was sad to log in this morning and see this…

So many bones… did they forget to RUN AWAYYYY?!

Guessing I’ll be waiting a bit longer to fight the fabled Rabbit of Caerbannog now 😦

I warned you – I WARNED YOU!

I’ve consoled myself for now by living vicariously through the angst and nerdrage of other bloggers…

Tome of the Ancient made me laugh out loud…

The Daily Frostwolf is still on the hunt…

Bubbles of Mischief had a beta encounter she’d rather forget…

untamedhellcat trolls The Queue

DEAD serious.

Why was it dead serious on The Queue, you may ask? I blame The Daily Blink

Trolls on trolls!

for this…

Kitty troll-rick-roll!

The question caused much argument in the comments, and a whole heap of derpheads ‘actually’ thought it was a serious question…. aaaah must be a slow news day. A response from one of MANY commenters, below…

In reality, it is only technically oblate spherical (think a perfect sphere, that is very very very very slightly squished on the north/south axis, so the equator is just a bit longer than any meridian), mostly do to the earth’s rotation and the moons pull over the eons.  Considering there is like 50km difference between lengths, it is less .4% difference: you wouldn’t be wrong to call it a sphere.  A ping pong ball is less spherical than the earth.  Would you call a ping pong ball oblate spherical, or just a sphere?

Gotta love a bit of deep nerd! ❤

Wish they would have used my ‘almost non-troll’ question instead…

What – it was a valid question!!! Stupid Rabbit.