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Warrior dies, untamedhellcat hits 86401.3 dps?!


Give it up for Ferocious Bite! *cheer, roar – the crowd goes wild!*

I ‘should’ feel bad for screen shotting this H DS parse, as the numbers are ‘average’ in comparison to pre-5.0.4 numbers, but hey – our warrior was dead (PERHAPS due to the fact my DBM wasn’t working ‘properly’ and I managed to kill our bare tank when dispelled *insert evil face and standing on top of tank here*, which then killed Elvs thanks to being second on threat…) and there was no res available after ressing said tank (too bad, so sad), but that Ferocious Bite still has some serious kick!

No, it wasn’t sustained, and yes, it was just before the boss died, but you know what?


Bring on MoP and big yummy numbers!!!

Oh yes, yes I do…

That ‘other’ durid has a legendary by the way…. *cough*


9 responses to “Warrior dies, untamedhellcat hits 86401.3 dps?!

  1. Elvstroem ⋅

    I thought kitty cat was warriors friend? #Meleegottosticktogether.

  2. Ram ⋅

    Yes, you should feel bad!

  3. Finia ⋅

    Should have let the boss kill you instead of taunting after res…..

  4. Finia ⋅

    lol i was staring at my screen think WTF was that then seen a white kitty slinking away from the murder scene…..

  5. Korode ⋅

    Lmfao. The warrior takes a dirtnap, the later chicken gets plucked, and the kitty just keeps on singin: “Every Day I’m Tunnelling”
    Note: ‘Bare’ tank Gen?? Lol

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