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Patch day, and I’m…


Yes, I’m still waiting, and waiting… I want my stag form! With a dose of a nasty virus currently doing the rounds, and straight off the back of a 14-hour sleep last night and into today, I’m quite behind the 8-ball with downloading updates.

In the meantime, I’m living vicariously through my twitter feed 😦


8 responses to “Patch day, and I’m…

  1. I got up on Wednesday morning and started the update. Like many folks I had to kick the updater in the guts a few times (started multiple times) so that it would work.

    Then I saw the updating file message and was frustrated that after 20 minutes it had not moved from 0%. What in hell? So rather than staring at the screen, I went to work. Grumble.

    • Genowen

      I’m in now, and it’s still updating >.< Ram asked me to get his going and, needless to say, I told him where he could shove it until mine completes! Two downloads at once?! NO WAY!

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  3. Navimie

    OMG 2 downloads at once! Eek!
    My monthly limit is just about to cap so I’m being super cautious… I don’t want to be shaped when there is new stuff to do!

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