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We are the Bane of Blackwing!

My core raid team in <Insidious> of Nagrand-US are still hard at work, madly trying to finish off the Glory of the Cataclysm Raider meta and the last few guild raid achievements we’re chasing before the patch hits next week. We got to punch yet another baddie dragon in the face on Wednesday night – the nefarious Nefarian.

We’re all loving our shiny new titles…

Take that dragon! In yo’ face!

The fight was still a challenge, even kitted out in heroic DS gear (remember the t11 heroics were never hit with the nerf bat), but the time invested was well worth it. When the content was current, we simply ran out of time to finish t11 heroics before Firelands, so it’s quite satisfying to know that we’re a bee’s dick off finishing the meta within the current expansion time frame.

Next up – that horrific and much maligned windy place, Throne of the Four Winds, and yet another shiny title to add to our collection via Al’Akir.

The plan after that? Go back into BoT, kill Ascendant Council (which I am DREADING) and then head in for another Sinestra kill to get some new Dragonslayer titles for the peeps who missed it the first time around. I’m ‘hoping’ our main druid healer has her running shoes on to avoid those bloody cutters this time – poor bugger was hating on that particular dragon BIG TIME!

I wonder if anyone else is still working on finishing these, or if you did them so long ago that it’s old news?

Until next time, happy dragon killing!


2 responses to “We are the Bane of Blackwing!

  1. Navimie

    Grats! I haven’t done mine yet, but if we ever get enough people ON…

    • Genowen

      Thanks Navi! Yeah, lots of peeps are having attendance issues this close to MoP, but luckily we have a bunch of dedicated cheev whores who want to finish everything off!

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