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The day a ‘careless whisper’ turned into a new friendship

I had the most amazing experience today of my short blogging life! I was whiling away the hours of my Sunday, playing my baby warlock (who has only just hit 85), when I got a ‘careless whisper’ from a baby mage ‘Miniices’ that started the following conversation:

Miniices: ‘hi there πŸ™‚ I was wondering if I could ask a question about one of your guildies?’

Me: ‘sure?’

Miniices: ‘I was REALLY slow πŸ™‚ I was looking for Arkham. Did he log on to another alt? Or did he just go offline?’

Me: ‘lol no he’s offline – why?’

Miniices: ‘ he was there one sec ago >.< damn :)’

Me: ‘Can I help?’

Miniices: ‘lol I’m a fan of his. Well, his blog.’

Me: ‘o.o from his blog? aaah’

At this point, I had a ‘gut feeling’ about who this could possibly be, as the person she was talking about was Mortigen, one of our long-standing officers and author of Typhoon Andrew’s – Eye of the Storm, a great blog with a history that goes back to 2006. I won’t ruin it for you just yet though, as the conversation continued…

Me: ‘well he’s just logged on to another toon, so whisper Diamon’

Miniice: ‘please don’t tell him – I want it to be a surprise!’

Me: ‘no probs.’

Some time passes, and I asked Mort if my hunch was correct in guild chat. I took it by his silence that he was rather distracted with his new ‘friend’, but he had said ‘this is awesome’ so I then whispered her saying:

Me: ‘Mort is quite chuffed’

Miniices: ‘really? I’m so glad!’

This is where it got AMAZING.

Me: ‘Are you Navi?’

Her initial reaction to this was ‘I’m good ty’ and then it clicked for her.

Miniice: ‘oh! You know who I am!!!’

It was NONE OTHER than the wonderful and sweet Navimie, of The Daily Frostwolf!!!!

Now I must admit, I immediately had chills down my spine, as I’m a long-term lurker on her blog, and had only just read about a horrible experience she’d had a few weeks back when trying to contact another of her blogging heroes for Navispam on another server (which I won’t go into, but suffice it to say I ‘almost’ did something I’ve never done before, which is to stand up for a total stranger on the internet! You can read all about it here at the Big Bear Butt – he was one angry bear, who wasn’t scared to call out the asshat involved!)

So I played it all cool, but I had a massive smile on my face as I told her I read her blog regularly, to which her response was ‘NO WAY!!! I’m all starstruck now! Well I must get a shot with you as well!!’

I got onto my druid main and met her and Mort for some screenies in Stormwind, then we went and met her on her Nagrand Horde toon Navimie in Shattrath for further ‘close-ups’ with yet another great blogger, Dragonray of Azerothian Life.

I honestly felt like all my christmases had come at once! A new blogger, meeting two of her own heroes on a lazy Sunday!

Navi switched back to her Ally mage, and we had a long and lovely conversation about all kinds of things, and realised we’re very similar-minded! I invited her to hit me up any time if she wanted to join our guild on her little baby mage, explaining it would be an honour to have her.

Her response?

‘I feel honoured!’

And thus, a new friendship was born.

If ever you happen to come across Navi on her travels, you’ll find out for yourself what an enthusiastic and amazing chick she is. I tip my hat to you Miss Navi, and look forward to chatting with you again next time you’re in Nagrand’s neighbourhood πŸ™‚

Ultimate honour – Dragonray, Navimie and Mort all in the same place!

(oh, and I’ll update with a proper screenshot once I get hold of one – in my excitement I forgot to take one!)


9 responses to “The day a ‘careless whisper’ turned into a new friendship

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  2. Kronosah ⋅

    Aw thats aweome πŸ˜€

  3. dragonray

    o.O I got a mention!!! I feel so…freaked out!!!! LOL

    It was fun to meet you guys, I wish I could have stayed longer, but a mogging comp was calling and I had to find gear and I had just under 10 minutes left and it was all just MADNESS!!!

    I am now going to waste the next few hours at work reading your blog πŸ™‚ YAY!

    • Genowen

      haha but of course Dragonray! It was an honour – and all the cross-faction emoting made me giggle too – I was just upset I couldn’t sit down at the picnic with you two!! πŸ™‚

  4. Navimie

    Gen what a lovely account of my visit! You certainly made me feel downright special and thrilled to be there – and it’s written exactly how I remember it! I am happy to have made a new friend, and I thank you so much for the home you gave my little mage.

    • Genowen

      Naww you know you’re very, very welcome Navi! Hope to be seeing you get your butt into gear and levelling your baby mage with us some time soon! (Friday night’s the night for debauchery and fun in Insidious, remember! :P)

  5. Mabaho

    Yay for Navi, Dragon, Gen and Mort. And now I can read these blogs as well.

  6. dangdangfool ⋅

    Awesome! Navispam also leads some of us to new blogs! Now I’m enjoying yours.

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