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Single healing Ultraxion

One of our guildies, Raziel, went into LFR last night after raid, and I was on vent with him as he zoned in. He was quiet for a while, but then all of a sudden piped up with some rather colourful invective about the group he was in. A shaman healer from Frostmourne (our favourite server for the proving of GIFT – aka Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory) had actually PAID the other four healers not to heal (who were also Frostmourne players), so he could solo heal it in order to get a top WOL ranking.


While his HPS were impressive at apparently between 73k – 98k, he still wiped the raid – TWICE.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m all for people pushing their limits, but for the LOVE OF PETE, you do that in your own guild’s runs, not in a situation where you have 20 other strangers who just want to get their free valor points for the week, am I right? I mean, Raziel and myself decided to test our limits post Dragon Soul 5% nerf during our progression run last week on Morchok by seeing who could stay alive the longest by standing in the bad and tunnelling the boss (for the record, I died first – Raziel not long after), but we did that with our own guildies laughing at our bravado *cough* (stupidity) *cough*, and we still one-shot the boss with both of us dead, so no harm was done, and we didn’t screw anyone else over.

But I digress – the fact that this ‘shaman’ lowlife was doing it purely for WOL rankings also seems to be pure insanity – surely WOL can delineate the difference between normal and LFR runs, and if it can’t, it should. This shaman wasted 30 minutes of 20 total stranger’s time for nothing but repair cost to everyone else. Needless to say, the group decided to band together and kick the shaman – the first vote failed (due to the other healers being ‘paid’ not to heal and obviously wanting to get and/or keep their gold – my guess is that they were only going to be paid AFTERWARDS) but the second vote went through. The result? Their two other guildies in the run, plus three of the four ‘paid’ healers dropped group, and the one remaining healer pulled the boss then dropped group. GG douchebags.

I honestly can’t believe that anyone would try this in LFR, and the absolute selfishness of it dumbfounds me.

One response to “Single healing Ultraxion

  1. Ahh, more selfish sods in the sea of asshattery. At 20 strangers with 30 minutes each, thats not a bad way to cause a loss of time – it’s like a 10 hour drainlife spell – which puts Warlocks to shame.
    The more community is built into the game, the more the community will let us down. Sadly only Blizzard can assist to remove this, and even then I cannot think of a solution (account based blacklist, whitelist, peer ranking) that is not exploitable by the very same idiots.

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